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About Us

Singhla Hospital have created a hospital where we will try to alleviate the sufferings of the common man by offering the highest quality of healthcare at affordable prices. The hospital is a state of art facility in terms of the application of technology and has highly qualified and experienced doctors. We Offer Extensive Medical Procedures to Outbound and Inbound Patients.

We try to offer a healthy and hygienic environment for quick recovery of the patients. The focus is on minimally invasive surgical procedures so that the average length of stay of a patient at the hospital is minimum thereby reducing the hospitalization cost.


  • Resident Medical Officer present Round the clock.
  • Qualified Nursing & paramedical staff Round the clock.
  • 3 Bedded I.C.U.
  • 14 Bedded General ward (Male & Female)
  • Semi Private and Private room.
  • Pathology lab, ECG,X-ray 24 Hours.
  • Dispensary 24 hours.
  • Endoscopy
  • Audiometery
  • General & Laprascopic Surgery, ENT, Oral Cancer Surgery, Urology and Orthopaedics
  • Laser surgery for Fissures,Piles,Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus.
  • Pre-employment health check-up.
  • Factory consultancy and medical check-up of workers,including general & special check-ups.
  • Trauma Care – Major and Minor Injuries.
  • Health awareness programme camps and school health check-up.
  • O.P.D. (Regular and on call consultant).
  • Emergency 24 Hours.
  • Operation theatres- 2 modular operation theatre equipped with HEPA filters, stryker 1488 camera ,lasotronix laser machine, covidien harmonic




Operation Theatre equipped with HEPA Filters, Stryker 1488 Camera ,Lasotronix Laser Machine, Covidien Harmonic. It’s the modern and clean OT matching all sterility protocols and standards. All Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Surgeries, advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries, ENT , Urology Surgeries etc are being performed here


Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards. They provide intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for people in a critically ill or unstable condition.


We provide Endoscopy examination of gastrointestinal system and Ear, Nose & Throat.


X-Ray and ECG (Electrocardiography) facilities are available with us for measuring the heart’s electrical conduction system and checking Bones fractures.


Dispensary is open 24 hours providing medicine round the clock to patients. Dispensary is handled by trained chemist.


Pathology Lab is open 24 hours providing different type of Testing.



General Medicine

Dr. Amritlal Singhal (M.D) ( Senior Physician)

Dr. Singhal is a senior general physician and highly experienced doctor over experience of 35 years in preventive Cardiology, Diabetes, Thyroid , Infectious Diseases, Nutrional Disorders, Respiratory Diseases, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Chest pain, Asthma, Leg swelling, Cough, Stomach , Jaundice, Urine and Kidney Infections, Allergy, Migraine, headache, Dengue, Pneumonia, Indigestion, Acidity, Liver failure disease etc.

General Surgery

Dr. Mayank Singhal (MBBS MS) (General & Laparoscopic Surgeon)

Dr. Mayank Singhal (MBBS, MS, FMAS, FIAGES )(General & Laparoscopic Surgeon In Bhiwadi) in BHIWADI Industrial Area, Bhiwadi has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment. The Hospital has separate waiting and consultation areas which allow enough space for patients to wait conveniently at the clinic. Being a specialized Surgeon Doctors, the doctor offers a number of medical services. These include Laproscopic and open surgery of Hernia, Gall Bladder, Appendix Uterus, Ovarian Cyst,Testicular pathology,Paediatric Hernia and major Intestinal pathology.

First doctor to start -Laser surgery for Piles,Fissures & Fistula, Pilonidal sinus in Bhiwadi region.

We have all ultra modern treatment facilities for all ano-rectal conditions like Piles (Hemorrhoids), Fissure in ano, Fistula in ano, Inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal malignancies, pilonidal sinus, rectal polyps, pruritus ani, perianal abscess and other ano rectal diseases.


Dr. Anuja Singhal (M.B.B.S.,M.S., ENT) (Ear, Nose and Throat, Specialist, Endoscopic Surgeon)

Dr. Anuja Singhal is an experienced, skilled and awarded doctor in her field of specialization.

Of all the ENT doctors in the city, Dr. Anuja Singhal (Singhla Hospital) in Bhiwadi is a prominent name. The doctor is known for employing a gentle approach to patients making them feel at ease almost immediately during the consultation process. Be it a minor ailment or a serious injury, the ENT specialist ensures that the patient understands the causes and the course of treatment.

Dr. Anuja Singhal (Singhla Hospital) in Bhagat Singh Colony, Bhiwadi offers holistic ENT treatment from the well-maintained medical care centre which is equipped with a host of advanced medical facilities and equipment. At the centre, there is a separate waiting area and a dedicated consultation and treatment room. The doctor provides medical services such as Ent Checkup (General) among various others.

Treatments for all kind of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases – Auroplasty, Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy, Septoplasty, Nasal Endoscopic Surgeries, Tonsillectomy, Direct Laryngoscopy, Thyroidectomy, Ossiculoplasty, FESS, Endoscopic sinus surgery.






Dr. Amritlal Singhal

(Senior Physician)

Dr. Mayank Singhal

(General & Laparoscopic Surgeon)

Dr. Anuja Singhal

(M.B.B.S.,M.S., ENT)
(ENT Surgeon)

Dr. Rahul Agrawal

(M.B.B.S.,M.S., ENT)

Dr. Rajkumar Mahawar

(Physician & Admin)

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